4G LTE Live Faster


  • What is 4G LTE?

    The term “4G LTE” has two parts:
    1. 4G meaning that it is the fourth generation of data technology for cellular networks and
    2. “LTE” meaning Long Term Evolution – a technology that provides high speed data for phones and other mobile devices.  LTE is an IP based network designed from HSPA and GSM technologies. 
  • Where is 4G LTE service available?

    4G LTE is currently available in Ashe, Alleghany, Avery, Surry, Watauga, and Wilkes counties. We are continuing to build additional 4G LTE sites across our 10 county footprint in 2016.  Look for more information to be published soon in our Press Releases.
  • What are the benefits of 4G LTE?

    4G LTE networks are designed to maximize speed during data transfer and minimize latency experienced on 3G networks.  Our 4G LTE network speeds have been measured to be between 10 – 15 Mbps for data downloading and 5 – 10 Mbps for data uploading.  This represents network speed increases of 1000% - 1500% faster than 3G networks.  This will allow much quicker web access, data streaming, and app performance.
  • Will my phone work on the 4G LTE network?

    In order to receive 4G LTE service, you must have a 4G LTE Ready device.  Any iPhone device model, iPhone 5 or newer, can receive 4G LTE service with the installation of a SIM card.  No 4G LTE Ready Android devices were available prior to November 3, 2014.  Android users will need to purchase a 4G LTE Ready device in order to receive 4G LTE service.  Anyone carrying a 4G LTE Ready device may contact their Carolina West Wireless retail location to have the SIM card installed, if needed.